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    Buffalo Families
      Buffalo City Hall

    Welcome to the family website! Use any of the links to the left or right to search for names on the tree. You will only see names of living people if you register for a User Account. See the Website Policies for information about privacy and other issues.

    Family members are encouraged to sign up, view information, and send in corrections or additions! This might include photos and documents as well as information.

    Please send any information that might help to .


    Immigrant Ancestors. This is an annotated list of known immigrant ancestors. They arrived between the early 19th and early 20th centuries, and virtually all came directly to western New York.

    Want a school project? Family history projects are great ways to learn about family as well as local history. This page gathers a variety of links and ideas to teach and learn family history.

    Stumpers! On some folks on this tree, I'm just stuck. If you want a project here, feel free to jump on in and try to solve a genealogical puzzle . . . .