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351 aged 72, born in New York; $4000 real esate; aged 23 when first married; both parents "Canada English" VALIQUETTE, Moses William (I351)
352 aged 77, year of immigration given as 1883; naturalization is “N/A” BATTISTA, Angelo Domenico (I162)
353 aged 7; born in New York, both parents born in Ireland CLARK, Michael (I399)
354 aged 8 CALDIERO, Antionette “Aunt Toni” (I152)
355 aged 8 JORDAN, Margaret (I268)
356 aged 8 VALIQUETTE, John (I354)
357 aged 8 (born Feb. 1892); born in New York as with both parents FRIES, Blanche (I314)
358 aged 8 (born Oct. 1891); born in New York as with both parents DOLL, Lillian Alice (I359)
359 aged 8, born in Buffalo JORDAN, Mary E. "Aunt Mayme" (I456)
360 aged 8, born in Illinois RAMÉ, Victoria (I540)
361 aged 8, born in New York McCORMICK, Catharine (I464)
362 aged 8, born in New York DOLL, Catherine (I484)
363 Aged 8, born in New York COLLINS, Anthony (I545)
364 aged 8, born in New York VOGT, Catherine (I565)
365 aged 8, born in New York; father born in New York, mother in Pennsylvania JORDAN, Matthew Jr. (I98)
366 aged 8/12 (census taken 18 June 1860), born in Buffalo. As "Anne." JORDAN, Johanna (I459)
367 aged 8/12 (census taken 22 June 1860), born in Buffalo. Same no. of months as his sister Anne. JORDAN, Richard (I271)
368 aged 8; born in New York, both parents of foreign birth CLARK, James (I423)
369 aged 9 BATTISTA, George J. (I177)
370 aged 9 BISANTZ, Mary (I452)
371 aged 9, born in New York RAMÉ, Volentine (I538)
372 aged 9, born in New York; both parents born in Italy BATTISTA, Margaret "Maggie" (I173)
373 aged 9, born in New York; father and mother of foreign birth MOSER, Charles (I280)
374 ageed 6, born in New York; father and mother of foreign birth MOSER, Samuel (I281)
375 Alice is on the 1880 census as “12, daughter” but not on the 1870 census. She could be the same as Ellen, who was 3 on the 1870 census.

Husband and child from family documents. A note about a cemetery plot says "June 21, 1942: I gave teh deed to our old lot in the cemetery at Holy Cross, to my sister Mrs. Alice E. Walker of 732 North 17th Street Phila. Pa as the three graves that ar left are for their use. I think the no. is 55, and I think they were bought about 50 years or more ago by my dear father Matthew Jordan." 
JORDAN, Alice (I273)
376 almost illegible CLARK, Michael (I399)
377 almost illegible Adeline (I404)
378 An "Arthur C. Vogt" (1886-1985) is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo. VOGT, Arthur W. (I561)
379 Anthony Caldiero’s godmother; died a month before Anthony and Pat’s wedding. BATTISTA, Mildred "Millie" (I171)
380 Appears on the 1910 Pennsylvania Miracode Index. This is clearly the same family as in Houston on the 1920 Census, though she and her sister Florence are not living with her parents any more. VALIQUETTE, Gertrude S. (I437)
381 appended to his baptismal record Family F126
382 as "Margaret Cook"; aged 19; born in New York; both parents born in Italy. BATTISTA, Margaret "Maggie" (I173)
383 as "valiqatte." Aged 54. Living in the household of his daughter Jennie and her husband Anthony Bisantz. VALIQUETTE, Peter (I84)
384 As a roomate in the household of Serafino Palermo, aged 41; “laborer” doing “general work” LICINO, Michael "Mike" (I169)
385 as “Luise,” aged 37 RAMÉ, Maria Louisa (I81)
386 As “Mary,” aged 33, born in New York, parents born in Italy. There is also a “Mary” living with her parents, aged 35? BATTISTA, Maria "Mary" (I147)
387 as “Tony Palermo”; works in car repair on the Railroad PALERMO, Epifanio "Anthony" (I179)
388 Aside from the 6 children listed here on the 1850 census, there is also an “I. [or J.] Hoffman” living with the family, male aged 27, born in Germany; no relation is given.

He moved to Dubuque, Iowa, and the named changes to Bisanz somehow. Further name changes resulted in Biesanz in Minnesota.

photo from: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/g/r/a/Margaret-A-Gray/PHOTO/0005photo.html 
BISANTZ, Johann (I237)
389 At his birth, his father was 35, and his mother 25.

This seems to be his family arriving arriving on 17 May 1828 in NYC from Le Havre, on the SS Henri IV:  Louis Rhame, age 54, farmer; Françoise, age 44 (parents, presumably, though her name doesn't match Anthony's mother in the marriage record); Antoine, age 19, Louis, age 17; Françoise, age 11; Mary Ann, age 9; and François, age 4.

A note by the transcriber says that "Rhame family may also have ties to Romagny-sous-Rougemont." It's not clear why. But, a number of other passengers on the ship were from this small area. This area is in the Alsace region of France (near the upper Rhine) where the Ramé family is said to have originated; now it's in the township of Rougemont-le-Château, Territoire de Belfort in Franche-Comté.

According to the the St. Louis Catholic Church Archivist:  21 June 1836 Antonius Ram, son of Ludovicus (Ludwig or Louis) and Maria Francesca Claire, and Victoria Rusch, daughter of Joseph and Maria Gangloff: marriage performed by Fr. Alexander Pax, no witnesses given.  

I assume that Françoise was altered to Francesca by the clerk.

The 1867 Buffalo directory lists an “Anthony Rame, Farmer” that might be his son, living at “Bird Road n. Del.” I don't see the name at all, however, in any other city directory going all the way back to 1844. 
RAMÉ, Anthony (I315)
390 At the time this was known as St. Peter’s French Church, Buffalo, Erie Co., New York BISANTZ, Bernice Celestine (I213)
391 At the time this was named St. Peter's French Church. VALIQUETTE, Martha Anne (I16)
392 Baden-Württemberg is in the lower Rhine (Bas-Rhine) valley, near what is now the French border.

In the 1880 census he is dead, but his family's birth places give an estimate of when this family immigrated. The three oldest (aged 26, 24, 19) were born in Baden; the next, aged 17, was born in New York. This places immigration around 1861-63. 
MOSER, Christian (I276)
393 baptismal record BATTISTA, George J. (I177)
394 Baptized as Anna JORDAN, Anna Elizabeth (I13)
395 baptized Joseph Anthony Edward BISANTZ, Anthony Edward "Tony" III (I17)
396 because his wife is living without him on the 1930 census REINHARDT, J. (I393)
397 Both of her parents are listed on the 1880 census has having been born in Canada, and she is listed as having been born in New York, presumably Buffalo. VALIQUETTE, Josephine (I350)
398 Both of his parents were born in Missouri as well, according to the 1920 census. OWEN, Russell (I435)
399 Called "Mary" in later life, but perhaps "Louisa" earlier.

According to the 1900 census, she had been married for two years before being widowed, had had 2 children, of which only one was living in 1900. This all matches.

This is from the 1900 Census, all living at 690 Michigan Ave. in Buffalo:

Family 343:
Emil Zaepfel, head, 54, born in Germany, parents born in Germany; year of citizen ship is 1872.
Mary Zaepfel, wife, 45, born in NY, parents born in Germany

Family 344:
Fries, Victoria, ?head, 51, born in NY, parents born in Germany
Fries, Victor, son, 21
Fries, Walter, son, 18
Fries, Louis, son, 15
Fries, Joseph, son, 13
Fries, Oscar, son, 10
Fries, Blonde?, daughter, 8
Bizantz, Antony E, nephew, 25
Bizantz, Louisa M, sister, 56, and widow, born in NY, parents born in Germany.

Both Victoria Fries and Louisa Bizantz are widows. Who is Emil Zaepfel? The name comes from the part of Germany (Alsace) that Rame and Rusch come from. Since the Zaepfel family has a different number, I assume that Emil Zaepfel is not related to the Rame sisters of Louisa and Victoria, but was just a boarder or friend from back home.

Since “relation to head of household” goes by family number, Antony Bisantz is Victoria Fries’ nephew, and Louisa Bizantz is Victoria’s sister. This matches. Antony Bizantz is Victora Fries’ nephew--her sister Louisa’s son. This is Anthony E. Bizantz III, who would marry Martha Valiquette in 1902, two years away. 
RAMÉ, Maria Louisa (I81)
400 Children Mattie, Julia (M), and Mary appear on the 1875 NYState census for this family, but not on the 1880 US census.

According to those buried in the Doll plat at the United German and French Cemetery, I guess that "Mattie" is "Ida M. Doll, 1870-75." Maybe not, though: the couple had 13 children, of which just 8 were still living in 1900. 
BISANTZ, Mary Ann (I221)

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