Buffalo Families: Immigrant Ancestors

Immigrant Ancestors

This page records the immigrant ancestors of the Caldiero, Palermo, Bisantz, and Jordan families which form the core trees on this website. To see relations, use the "Descendants" and "Relationship" tabs on each person's individual page. This is just a start, describing the ancestors of the families which form the basis for the site. There are many more names on the tree than these whose ancestors will be added as time, and helpful contributions to this research, permit.

Immigrants from Italy

Alphonse Caldiero and his wife Carmella Custodi immigrated in 1918 through Ellis Island. This was the second time Alphonse had immigrated, with his second wife. . . .

Grandfather Palermo may or may not have immigrated himself; it is clear that his sons Epifana (also Anthony) and Serafino did. Mike Lacino, who was living in Serafino's household in 1930, was married to their sister Dorothea, though he apparently immigrated without her. Family history also tells of another brother, John; he would seem to be the "Giovanni" Epifanio said that he was was traveling to meet when he immigrated.

Angelo Battista and his wife Theresa Raymundo immigrated from Italy at different times; the 1930 census gives his immigration date as 1883, and her's as 1890. It's unclear then whether they were married in Italy or Buffalo.

The Bridge over the Dam
"The Bridge over the Dam" led to the Clark
family Homestead in Wheatland, New York.
This creek is most likely Oatka Creek.

Immigrants from Ireland

Thomas Tobin and his wife Mary immigrated, according to family history, in 1840, and had a rough time: several children died, and if the census is a measure, they died themselves before 1860, leaving young children to be taken in by others.

Matthew Jordan and his wife Bridget Collins were born in Waterford Co., Ireland. They must have immigrated by 1845, when Matthew was naturalized. He became a policeman in Buffalo.

James Clark was born about 1816 in Ireland. He immigrated, presumably with his wife Catharine, by the early 1850s; it's not unlikely that he fled the potato blight of 1845-49. He settled in the town of Wheatland, a few miles west of Scottsville, New York. He is said to have built bridges during the Civil War, and died in 1906.

Philip McCormick his wife Honora Duhaney immigrated between 1848 and 1852; it's likely that they too left because of the famine. Their daughter Mary married William, a son of immigrants Matthew and Bridget Jordan.

Immigrants from France and Germany

James Valiquette and his wife Margaret (or Martha) were born in Quebec, Canada, as were his parents, though his family must ultimately derive from France. Their son Peter Valiquette married Jane Honora Clark, the daughter of immigrant James Clark.

Christian Moser and his wife Fredericka were both born (it seems) in Württemberg, in what is now south-central Germany, north of Lake Konstanz; there are two different Moser families living in Buffalo, so these can only be labeled as probable ancestors--see more about this on the Stumpers page.

Anthony Edward Bisantz Sr. and his wife Mary Magdalena Kraft immigrated from Steinsoultz, in the Alsace region of France, to Buffalo, probably in 1839. He was a school teacher.

Anthony Rame and his wife Victoria Rusch were also from the Alsace, though what part is not known. They must have immigrated by about 1844.