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Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania



 : Latitude: 40.326740700, Longitude: -78.921969800


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Thompson, Kathleen Frances  1900Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I1025
2 Valiquette, Amelia  1900Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I1010
3 Valiquette, Annette R.  1900Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I1022
4 Valiquette, Florence A.  1900Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I975
5 Valiquette, Grace I.  1900Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I1024
6 Valiquette, Moses William  1900Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I1021
7 Valiquitte, Gertrude Sarah  1900Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I1023