Website Policies and Contact Information

Respect for Privacy, Copyright, and Sources

1. Privacy

This site balances public and private interests. In part it is a public site for genealogical information and research. Information on the site not hidden behind a password will eventually be obtainable on web search engines. The advantage to this is that we can find new family connections. But for closer family it is also meant to be a 21st-century version of a Family Bible.

To maintain this distinction, information about living individuals will not be viewable by the public. "Living" will appear in the place of the name. Passwords to allow more access are available for any interested family members--just send in a note for a user account.

A person is considered Living--and hence information on them is hidden to guests--if he or she:

  1. has no death date or place AND
  2. has no burial date or place AND
  3. has a birth date AND
  4. that birth date is less than 100 years old.

Therefore, for instance, a birth date alone after about 1910 means that a person is considered Living, and all information about the person will be hidden. For living people who are in contact, please let me know if there is vital information to add!

2. Copyright

All information--text and images--on this website is under copyright by the author. It may not be reproduced or distributed by anyone without written permission, whether you are a guest or a user with a password. I am very much in favor of sharing information, but there are three reasons I do this:

  1. to learn more myself as I track what information is used elsewhere;
  2. to protect the information on the site that is private; and
  3. to preserve its integrity if it appears in other places. Virtually all the information here is provisional, and I don't want the website's name attached to information I'm not sure of, or which at least I've communicated my concerns about. Please get in touch to verify information.

If you do use the site, please reference the address to the home page (, since internal page addresses will change. For information on copyright, see the Library of Congress' Copyright Office page.

3. Sources

A lot of genealogical information on the web is completely unsourced. That's a shame, I think, because much of the fun of genealogy is chasing down the full stories. Not citing references deprives users of that joy. And, it makes information intellectually questionable. I don't completely understand why people DON'T cite sources--work has a much more value when it's referenced!

That being said, you won't find a reference to every single bit of data on this site either. And if I have a half-dozen sources for a name, not all appear. But you SHOULD find a reference somewhere in the context for that name--by backing up one or more generations, for instance, to uncover a reference on that family's history; or going sidways to a spouse's family; or to a child to find a marriage certificate which gives parents' names. I have relied on secondary sources, but as much as possible I carefully choose those who cite primary sources clearly and effectively. See the Genealogical Standards page from the National Genealogical Society for more on standard practices.

If it's not there, I beg pardon; let me know, and I will fix it. Websites are interactive, so please ask! I have much information which is not on these pages.